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Photo By Walter Arce

Photo By Walter Arce

I first fell in love with the world of beauty at the age of ten. Using a Costco jar of Vaseline, I combined the goopy substance with a few dozen drops of ruby-hued food coloring. My fingers would ultimately be stained red for days, but my success in creating homemade lip gloss created a concrete impression on my mind. It was not the desire or allure of beauty itself that engrossed me,  it was the the ability to create, transform and enhance using the endless and mesmerizing world of cosmetics, and the feeling of empowerment that followed.

As the years progressed, my passions grew and I also became enamored with fitness. I spent weeks creating personalized workout routines for myself and friends, and even bought a JCPenney  digital calorie counter that I religiously plugged my meals into daily.  Fitness also revealed another element of transformation and creation, and I was fascinated by how strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition worked together  in such an intricate and painstaking manner.

My bond with the cocktail world was created some time later. As a bartender, I stumbled upon the art of infusions, and quickly I became immersed into learning more and honing my craft as a mixologist. The common theme remained: I was able to create, transform, and mold basic elements into something exciting and innovative.

Photo by Glencoe Photography

Photo by Glencoe Photography

I am now approaching 30, and have been incredibly blessed with incredible opportunities. As a model, in the last few years I have been published internationally, and as an actress I have also had several national appearances.  I am also an aspiring entrepreneur and part-time harpist. I have always been extremely passionate, and I believe that it is essential to do what you love. Life is too short not to!

I was homeschooled as a teenager, which enabled me to pursue my many interests (dance, acting and playing the harp being a select few). By the age of 13, I was playing at my first wedding, and by the time I was a sophomore in high school, I had weekly restaurant gigs, a wedding every Saturday (sometimes two in one day!) and a handful of harp students.

Playing the harp has always been incredibly special to me, from the moment I first grasped the strings,  to just a few hours ago glancing at it from the hallway. It has been integral in creating some of my most poignant memories  (playing for a friend’s funeral) to the most joyous (playing for a friend’s wedding).

Photo by Alpine Images

Photo by Alpine Images

I grew up in Washington State, but decided to attend the College of Charleston in South Carolina upon being offered a music scholarship. Majoring in harp performance while studying at a picturesque coastal city was a dream come true, but I slowly realized my love for my instrument was diminishing.

I was burning out.

I decided to take a break to ensure that I never grew tired of my passion, and that was when I fell into the world of restaurants. A couple years later, I would take my first deep breath behind the bar, preparing for a crash course in classic cocktails.

Bar2Barre was created as a sounding board for the audience that shares my passions: beauty, fitness & cocktails.  I hope you find something that piques your interest, whether it is a recipe, a review, or a how-to. And please, don’t forget to say hello! I will sign off with my favorite quote, that I try to live by:

Shoot for the Moon. Even if you Miss, you Will Land among the Stars. 

-Les Brown




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